Police Blotter: As Ice Melts, Vigilante Cycle Chases Heat Up

CCPoliceBlotterIf last night’s activity throughout Cobalt City is any indication, the kind of high-speed motorcycle antics once common when Gato Loco was active is on the rise once again.

9:32 PM — A Lamborghini reported to be car-jacked by superhuman means was chased through the streets of downtown by two individuals on motorcycles. One of those individuals was later identified as the sword-wielding vigilante Muramasa, most recently associated with the group Justice or Something, though her companion is as of yet unnamed. The Lamborghini was recovered, and two masked individuals were detained on the scene. Police later tied the two suspects to ultra-hacker Joyride who was detained on the South Docks in Quayside later that evening.

12:29 AM — Witnesses report an early-model phantom hearse pursued through North Karlsburg’s Little Warsaw neighborhood by a spectral figure some have identified as recent hero Ghost House. Witnesses claim that Ghost House, uncharacteristically riding a motorcycle, appeared to herd the phantom hearse towards the vacant parking lot of what was formerly Unicorn Bakery. Once the car was isolated, it was picked apart by the ghostly hero in a quick and efficient manner. By the time police arrived on scene, Ghost House had vanished, taking his cycle with him.

1:14 AM — Five members of the white-supremacist and allegedly Satanic cycle gang Hand of the Beast were pursued through the streets of The Cannonade at high speeds by a vigilante some have identified as Caterwaul while others have insisted it is the return of Gato Loco. The incident began with an attempted arson at the Whalebone Lane Meeting House, a historic church in the heart of the Cannonade. The perpetrators were pursued to Ditko Street as far and immobilized over a stretch of eight blocks. All suspects are in custody, though the vigilante responsible did not stick around to answer questions.

3:00 AM — City traffic cameras seem to have captured what appears to be a high-speed race between Muramasa and the rider identified both as Caterwaul or Gato Loco. The riders were picked up on camera entering Harkness Street Bridge from the north, and then again crossing Quincy Street Bridge from the south to then vanish into the warehousing of the North Docks. For the curious, if this was a race, Muramasa appeared to have a several-length lead when last seen.

The publishers of Cape and Cowl would like to remind its readers to drive responsibly.

And keep an eye out for cycle riding vigilantes.


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