An Interview with the Huntsman

By Lainie Larkin

For as long as there has been a Cobalt City, there has been a Huntsman, leading some to speculate that the name of that first hero might be found among the names of the city’s founding fathers. But despite this long history, the identity of the city’s most prominent archer has remained a tightly guarded secret. Recently, we were fortunate enough to sit down with the Huntsman and ask him a few questions.

LL: How many have worn the mantle of the Huntsman prior to you?

HM: I’m afraid that I can’t give you an exact answer to that question. I can tell you that there have been more than twenty, but the exact number is known only to those who have worn the mask.

LL:  An impressive legacy even in ballpark figures. And yet despite that legacy, there are people in Cobalt City who know far less about the Huntsman than they do about heroes like Stardust or Wild Kat. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

HM: I’m an expert marksman, and I spend my time ensuring that the streets of Cobalt City are safe. Were the city faced with a major threat, I’d be honored to fight side by side with Stardust, Wild Kat, and any other heroes who rose to the challenge.

LL: Speaking of other heroes, there are rumors linking you romantically to the Libertine. Anything to those rumors?

HM: I’m sorry, what? Libertine and I have worked together. But I believe you’re getting these rumors from an unreliable source.

LL: Just asking the questions that our readers want the answers to. Is there a different special someone in the Huntsman’s life?

HM: I’m afraid not. My responsibilities occupy much of my time …

LL: So you’re single then? I’m certain our female readers will be delighted.

HM: As I said, my responsibilities occupy much of my time. I’m not in a position right now where I’m looking for a relationship.

.LL: Alright, we can take a hint, can’t we, ladies? And speaking of ladies, I understand that one of your predecessors was a woman. But she still used the name of Huntsman. Why not Huntswoman?

HM: Well, I wasn’t fortunate enough to know that particular Huntsman. But the name and the mantle are intertwined. It’s not uncommon among heroes in Cobalt City to use a legacy name regardless of gender. For example, Devil Cat’s sidekick, Imp. That role has been filled by men and women, but they’ve all been Imp.

LL: Fair, but Imp isn’t a gendered name. If you were handing off the mantle to a woman some day down the road, would you insist that she keep the age old name?

HM: I’d explain to her the legacy that she was becoming a part of, and that the name is part of the legacy. But I’d also respect her choice if she chose to make the change. I can say that the female Huntsmen of the past chose to stick with tradition.

LL: Huntsmen? There has been more than one woman who wore the mantle?

HM: (sighs) Yes, more than one. No, I’m not going to tell you how many. Are we done here?

LL: I guess we are.