Black Chapel Sightings Spike on University of Cobalt City Campus

alleyFollowing several unconfirmed sightings of the infamous “Black Chapel” and what campus security has now confirmed to be a trio of suicides at University of Cobalt City, school officials and the city’s occult experts have urged calm and, most importantly, caution.

“We’ve instructed the resident advisers in all dorms to check in with their assigned students,” says university spokesperson Gerri Landry, “And we have doubled our available counselling hours. In addition, we’re looking at options to make the Administration building more, ah, spiritually sound.”

Known by it’s nickname, the “Battleship,” the Administration building for University Cobalt City was built in the early 1950’s on the site of the multi-faith chapel which had been torn own only a few years earlier. The chapel had sat vacant and boarded up since an occult sacrifice took place in its basement in 1945, claiming the lives of thirty-four people. Though Icons members The Sphinx and White Wolf assured city officials that the supernatural event had been contained, ghostly lights and sounds continued sporadically until the chapel was torn down.

Sightings of the “Black Chapel” have spiked before in Cobalt City, notably during the so-called “Vampire Wars” (1976-1979), and again during the Artemis slayings the summer of 1986. Without occult experts on the level of The Sphinx, Black Hand, or Doctor Shadow available to the city, there is no consensus on what this new activity might signal.

When reached for comment, professional occultist Louis Malenfant said only, “Some stones, when thrown, cause ripples. Some bands spawn bad cover bands. I’d start by questioning those shifty RPG players that lurk around the tunnels under campus. Hastur himself only knows what those little punks are playing at.”

In the meantime, the University of Cobalt City and Cobalt City plan on keeping the situation from escalating, and are working with the occult and psychic resources available to them. In the meantime, it is suggested students and those working and living in the vicinity avoid that part of campus after dark and report anyone suspicious wearing robes or carrying ceremonial daggers.


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